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Our principal business is the manufacture of solid timber doors, but Eagle also offers a wide range of accessories. All products are manufactured exclusively to the customer's own design and specification to complete their kitchen, bedroom or bathroom range.

Production Facilities

The company utilises the latest in technologically advanced equipment to enhance our products. Our manufacturing processes are constantly updated to ensure optimum efficiency and minimum waste. This starts with the selection of timber and recovery of waste, the laminating of board and moulding of components, computer numerically controlled (CNC) machining centre, sanding facilities and finally the finishing process.

The company has the capacity to produce in excess of 4 000 polished doors and appropriate accessories per day, without introducing an optional third shift. To ensure optimum delivery cost, the minimum order quantity is one twenty foot container, which holds approximately 3 200 doors. There is an approximate lead time of seven weeks delivery to Europe which includes four weeks of shipment time. However, in an emergency, air freight is an option which requires no minimum quantity.

Raw Material

Although our principal raw material is South African Pine, the company now offers Eucalyptus, which also complies with FSC. It is a high quality hardwood, is fully sustainable, and is produced in an environmentally responsible manner. It is noted for its beauty, strength, versatility and flexibility.

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